A Great All-Round Sailboat That's Easy-to-sail-- Consistently Wins!

10 Reasons to go J/41 for your IOR Campaign

1. One Ton is the way to go to win. 1985 races not won by J/41s were, for the most part, won by other one-tonners.

2. J/41 is the easiest one tonner to sail. It's the only competitive masthead design. It's not surprising to see the J/41 do better at night, on long distance races, and in local club races, because a masthead boat is simply less critical to trim and sails considerably faster than a fractional rig boat.

3. J/41s place high no matter what the conditions. While other designs have moments of blinding speed interspersed with with unbelievable slows, J/41 has much higher average speeds across the wind range and TWA. Fractional designs (including J/41s so rigged) have the edge when jib reaching and occasionally downwind under 5 kts TWS (when gybing angles are tighter downwind), but the J/41 is unbeatable upwind over 10 kts AWS or downwind over 12 kts TWS. The exceptions are in conditions over 25 kts AWS upwind where small rig Farr 40s excel or in some marginal surfing/wave conditions when close spinnaker reaching. While the J/41 may not be the fastest boat on the course in a given moment, it's never the same boat that is faster when conditions change! In other words, the J/41 is the best all around boat.

4. J/41s hold together. Five survived the rough 1984 Bermuda Race, six survived the 1985 SORC and 2 survived the 1984 SORC without breakdowns. Construction pushes the outer limits with carbon fiber and aircraft grade Baltek Contourkore using 1/8th inch unidirectional skins without compromising structural integrity and impact resistance in critical areas.

5. J/41 competitive life will be longer- because of the strong, no flex, no dent construction. As IOR One Ton competition becomes closer, these factors become as important as they are in one-designs. Soft, flexible boats are just plain slow. You can check flex by tying a string from bow to stern pulpit, making a mark on the mast where it passes. Then, crank up 4,000 lbs on the backstay and see how much the string moves on the mast. Don't buy a boat without making this test!

6. J/41 sail designs are several generations ahead of any new design. Normally it takes three or four design iterations even with the best sailmakers and designers to optimize designs for a given boat. North, Sobstad, Ulmer-Kolius, and Shore now know the J/41 perhaps better than any other IOR design, so you can be sure of winning sails on the first pass.

7. J/41 will be in demand five years from now. Because there are over 6,000 J Owners, the largest segment of racing sailors in PHRF, MORC and in the USYRU with the strongest brand loyalty (82%) in the business. A number of these J Sailors look upon the J/41 as the "ultimate" J to go sailing offshore.

8. The best warranty service in the business from a USA manufacturer. To emphasize this point, ask the owners of custom or imported IOR boats how many hours and dollars they've spent on yard bills and repairs. The response may shock you.

9. Measurement and tuning assistance. The experimenting has been done on 18 J/41s and over 100 certificates. Why spend valuable crew practice time or dollars going through this routine?

10. Availability. The 1986 sailing season starts early. We can deliver a fast, out-of-the-box J/41 ready to start winning and putting silverware on your shelves.

Introduced: 1985     Built to: Hull #19     Last Model Year: 1987